Giordano Rossi, MSc


Position: PhD candidate

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Instagram: @gionorossi

Research Gate: Giordano-Rossi

Hello, my name is Giordano and I'm 31 years old. I'm a Biologist with a master's degree in Mental Health. Back in my hometown in Brazil, my Ph.D. at the University of São Paulo involves a clinical trial evaluating and comparing the therapeutic effects of 4 consecutive doses of ayahuasca or oral esketamine for the treatment of depression and anxiety. Alongside these primary outcomes, we are also evaluating subjective effects, safety, tolerability, and possible changes in personality, social cognition and well-being. These latest include the perception of acute and chronic pain and sleep quality, which brings us to my project at Maastricht University. Here we'll be doing an investigation regarding changes in sleep quality in a natural setting with ayahuasca takers from Spain. Hopefully, the data collected here will corroborate the significant positive changes in sleep quality we are seeing back in Brazil.

Giordano Rossi, MSc pimaastricht
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